Opening up to the world

This is big step for Bat+Ball 2, I'm making it available as an open alpha version. It's online for Android and for WebGL. Get the Android version here and the webGL version is ready to be played over at

There's still a few things to do on this game. I want to re-create the menu, that means graphics, sounds and the implementation. So far I used NGUI but it doesn't play very good with the distance field based font renderer.

Apart from the menu I need to get rid of the overly bloopy-beepy sound effects ingame. 

And then there's integration of UnityAds, Highscores and Achievements, each for Android and iOS.

I already integrated Fabric and UnityAnalytics, meaning that I will hopefully get some meaningful data to improve gameplay.


That's all for today. Now go and play Bat+Ball 2. Send me feedback to batnball2_alphatest(at)




Weekly Update

Slowly getting there, gameplay is starting to be fun. At least for me. 
Tweaked some more and added silver coins. If you want to reach a high score you should be aiming for the golden ones, they worth ten of the silver ones.

Next up on my to-do list are audio and visual improvements.

I also built a non-optimized WebGL version. You can check it out here, feedback is appreciated:

Weekly Update

Powerdowns are working ok. I also changed the ball reflection at the bat to give the player more control instead of physically correct reflection. 

I am giving the game  to friends and hope to get feedback on the most pressing issues.



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