Recreation Room

Recreation Room is your personal H.O.L.O.D.E.C.K. (Holographic Omni-Light OrthoDirectional Exercise Creation Kontraption)

Recreation Room allows you to take a walk in a big variety of environments and landscapes. Great whenever you don’t have a opportunity to experience the real thing. Put on your headset and enjoy the immersive simulation instead.

Enter a dense forest, hike along its paths and listen to its sounds. Explore the infinite vastness of the woods, or maybe find a spot to just bask in nature, breathe in the environment and let go of the stress of the real world. 

Future features:

  • customizable time of day or night
  • different environments to choose from, like hills, meadows, different kinds of woods, and more
  • points of interest, like old ruins, a cave, a medieval watch tower, or even a mystical fairy ground
  • bigger selection of ambient music
  • more locomotion options

Recreation Room will leave Early Access when all basic features are implemented. This might take a few months. Release of version 1.0 is currently planned for October 2022.