Fundamental Personal Changes

Sooo many things happened since my last post here. I won’t bore you with the details, so let me just tell you the most important thing: I’m now a fulltime employee in video game development. So you’re probably thinking now that this must be bad news for all my projects. But it’s actually the opposite.

Let me explain. For 15 years I had my own little company and I had to make sure that it survived and earned enough money to feed my wife and myself. I had to constantly look at possibilities to make this thing profitable. If I didn’t find clients that fit me well I had to work in projects that were super un-fun. At least they paid the bills. I worked on my own projects only when I had the time and energy and when I didn’t have to worry about money. (When the pandemic hit, these occasions became increasingly rare and my slow descent into burnout began.) But now I have a job. I get paid every month. I don’t have to constantly think about how I make ends meet. And I don’t have to over-extend myself to achieve that.

Now I work five days a week, eight hours per day. And the rest of the time I don’t have to think about “work” and earning money. I can actually relax. I can recharge. And when I want to I can put some of that time and mental energy into developing things I enjoy, the projects I love to work on and am passionate about. And I already am!

Of course, I won’t promise anything right now. I learned in the last years that telling people about any specific features or dates or timeframes rarely works out. Instead, I’m just excited to tell you that this is a great change for me and that I’m really enthusiastic about both my new day job and about the fact that I already put more time & energy into my own projects this week than I did for at least two months before that. And on top of that I’m actually posting something here!