ASMR Soundboard

ASMR Soundboard allows you to enjoy all kinds of ASMR sounds, close to your ears, giving you the exciting feels you know from videos and streams.
What makes it unique is the variety of sound effects it offers. Sure, there are classics 
like chopping food, tapping, eating and drinking, flipping book pages, and so on. But have you ever listened to swords clinging as ASMR? What about the relaxing drone of a hand dryer? And then there is the option to go for uncomfortable things, like scratching a chalkboard or the noise of a mosquito which were probably never enjoyed as ASMR before!

  • Free with a collection of sounds included
  • No ads
  • Sounds moving dynamically around and close to your head
  • additional sound packs available for purchase in app, try before you buy
  • ongoing development and expanding library of (free and purchasable) sounds

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