Mind Massaging Machine v1.1 and v1.1.1

Here are some not-so-new news, MMM v1.1.0 was released last week. The planned features were all included along with some more minor improvements. Like a single palm tree besides the menu.

The not so big new features of v1.1 are:

  • In VR you can now change in what position you want to use MMM, like while laying down, facing upwards.
  • Spirals can be changed during the session.
  • Improved Session Info screen, giving you better information about length and features of a particular session.

There is no update to the SessionMaker yet, but I’m working on it. Merging the two projects didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped for and now I’m re-implementing a big part of the SessionMaker, improving it in the process. Only when SessionMaker is a part of the MMM project I will be able to create features like preview, spiral editor, accres to the SessionMaker from MMM directly (yes, also in VR) and a lot more.

But, of course, there were some bugs in v1.1.0 and I spent most of my week taking care of them and preparing v1.1.1.

It contains:

  • Fixed mp3 support for good
  • Fixed: playback of sessions that only used isochronic tones for brainwave synchronization would not play isochronic tones
  • Fixed: playback of some sessions using brainwave synchronization would not play correctly
  • Fixed: pointer could reappear during session when connected controllers disconnected or idled long enough
  • Fixed: Animated background could occlude file browser making it hard to use.

MMM v1.1.1 was released yesterday and should have already arrived on your device / computer.

Please remember to get in touch if you encounter problems. Please enjoy!