Unite Europe 2017

Okay, so I went to the conference in Amsterdam to meet people, talk some of them into checking out VRocketz and of course learn new stuff.

What I did last week was to take most of my free time and create a working version of VRocketz that I could show to people at the conference. I have thrown out a lot of stuff and some of my plans from before and started from semi-scratch. That means I kept the locomotion and controller code, the rocket launcher and some of my health management code. I built a new level, an arena of sorts, to serve as a place to fight against enemies. I took one of the robot models and created a simple “AI” behavior, so that a player had something to fight against and maybe even get a glimpse of a multiplayer match might feel like. I could see how natural people felt with my controls when they had a challenge. I went and dug out sound effects to use for most things. All in all I wanted to make the new prototype feel as complete as possible.


I hope to make a short video of the prototype for the coming screenshot Saturday. So look out for that.


Over the course of Unite I kept thinking about VRocketz and how to turn it into a releasable full game. People think that a “quakelike” game in VR is mainly two things. First, it’s hard t pull off something that won’t make people sick. Second, they believe a fast paced first person shooter with multiplayer would be great for VR in general as there  are a lot of players out there who would love to play that.  So, I can’t stop working on that project but instead I’ll take it up a notch. I’ll set up a higher level project plan for you to follow development. I’ll have regular (alpha) releases. I have a plan how to finance development in the future, when I will incorporate people to help me with development and how to go about getting VRocketz into a state where it can become an “Early Access” title on many platforms.


So, expect more updates from me and poke me with a stick if you think I am neglecting my valued patrons (hint: that’s you!).