MMM v1.1 planned for February

Here’s a little heads-up on what is coming next to the Mind Massaging Machine. Due to several technical overhauls the list of new features isn’t very long this time.

For v1.1 the following things are planned:

Sitting or laying down?
I know a lot of people want to use MMM in a bed or a recliner instead of just standard sitting position. The main menu will give you the possibility to set or quickly change in what position you want to be in. Positions of the menus and the spiral orientation will change accordingly for comfortable use.

Better session info screen
The session info screen is very limited right now. Tihs will be overhauled and will provide a clearer overview of the session. There will be more space for thee description, length and used features will be shown.

You might be curious what other things are planned. While there is no roadmap for these things and I cannot possibly say when these features are coming, here’s a selection of stuff I want to add to MMM:

  • More complex and interactive sessions
  • Spiral editor
  • GIF support
  • Support for peripherals like Muse or MindWave EEG sensors
  • Improved session importing and library management
  • Third party Content Creator session library access
  • Guidance mode (Authorize with and connect to another MMM user to supervise and adjust a session in real time)
  • And more 🙂