In a grim future cyborgs are pitted each other in fast and deadly matches. Your human mind is downloaded into one of the killing machines and you become a contestant in what is part training camp for the battlefield and part most popular sport of the human part of the galaxy.


VRocketz is twitch FPS like Quake3Arena and UnrealTournament for Virtual Reality. Currently we mostly see teleportation systems for locomotion in VR. VRocketz changes that. The player can use either a gamepad or his platforms motion controllers to move around. The gameplay is heavily influence by “oldschool” shooters like the Quake series, Doom series, Unreal and other games from that era of shooters. Main idea is to bring fast multiplayer deathmatches to VR but there ist also a single player story in the works.


Right now I am working to bring the prototype far enough for a viable Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter is meant to give me the possibility to turn VRocketz into a good Early Access title which can hit the different stores.