Mind Massaging Machine

The Mind Massaging Machine, or M³, is an application that brings the luxury of mind machines, also called light&sound goggles, as well as the power of self hypnosis to VR headsets. Strap on your VR headset, sit or lay back and enjoy the relaxation of trance. Use it to unwind from a long day or let yourself be hypnotized by mesmerizing visual effects to bring about positive changes in your life. While M³ comes with a selection of pre-made session there is also a tool for your desktop computer to create your own sessions or to add one you obtained otherwise. That tool also gives professionals the possibility to use M³ with their clients. M³ is being developed with recreational and professional use in mind. While VR headsets are the target platform of this project you can also use it on your phone and computer with a conventional flat display. Some features may only be available with a VR headset though.