So, I'm  rather busy lately with real life. I bought a house back in Spring, been renovating it since Summer and hope to move next month. This took a lot of my time and it resulted in stagnation for my projects.


Apple removed the first Bat+Ball game from the iOS App Store and I never got around to check what the problem is. Sadly I lost the project as it was when I submitted it to the store so I am unable to fix any issues and resubmit it.

Now Apple informed me that they want to remove Balloon Blaster Infinite! as well as it wasn't updated for a while. Well, I'll see if I find the time to load that project up and build a new version.


I seem to never have posted about my VR project Vrocketz. It's a 1on1 multiplayer deathmatch first person shooter. It's fast-paced and my main motivation is to show that classic FPS gameplay is definitely possible on VR. I wrote a blog post a few months ago how I tackled the challenge of free movement in VR without making the player sick over at Gamsutra.

Here are some Gifs for you to enjoy:

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