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So, I'm  rather busy lately with real life. I bought a house back in Spring, been renovating it since Summer and hope to move next month. This took a lot of my time and it resulted in stagnation for my projects.


Apple removed the first Bat+Ball game from the iOS App Store and I never got around to check what the problem is. Sadly I lost the project as it was when I submitted it to the store so I am unable to fix any issues and resubmit it.

Now Apple informed me that they want to remove Balloon Blaster Infinite! as well as it wasn't updated for a while. Well, I'll see if I find the time to load that project up and build a new version.


I seem to never have posted about my VR project Vrocketz. It's a 1on1 multiplayer deathmatch first person shooter. It's fast-paced and my main motivation is to show that classic FPS gameplay is definitely possible on VR. I wrote a blog post a few months ago how I tackled the challenge of free movement in VR without making the player sick over at Gamsutra.

Here are some Gifs for you to enjoy:

Project Updates

Bat+Ball 2 is in a bit of a hold. I still have problems with integrating the leaderboards and achievements, the project no longer builds on Android. I intend to fix this with the help of a friend in the coming week while we attend Unite Europe 2016. I also need to overhaul the visuals as it is clear that nobody is going to download the game when they think it's looking lame, no matter how good or bad gameplay might be. I already began work in blender to give the game a more tron like theme. Here's some work in progress for that:

Check out the alpha if you are curious about gameplay: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.heptamind.batnball2


While Bat+Ball 2 is in pseudo hiatus I continue to work on my next project. It's inspired by one of my favorite games of all time. But it will be first person (and VR) and gameplay will be upgraded for this decade. :)

I'm currently in the progress if checking dungeon assets and building a first level to use as foundation and sandbox for all gameplay programming. Late in the evening I purchased some assets from 3drt and the few walls I placed look much better than the free assets I used before. Here's what I've got so far:

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