BAT+BALL full and free in your browser

As promised yesterday you can now play the full version in your browser. Still not working under Linux though, yet. Will be fixed in the future. Play it now!

BAT+BALL hits Play Store, more stores and platforms soon

Yes, The game was finished just in time to count as a January project at OneGameAMonth.

But I'm far from done with this game. I have to publish the game to iOS AppStore, Desura, Gamolith, Indivania and maybe the Mac AppStore. There will also be a browser version where you can play the full game. But the webpage for that isn't ready yet.

If you have Android device and can spare the tiny amount of money you can buy it here:

Get it on Google Play

Keep having fun!

Bat+Ball Beta

The 1GAM project for January is nearly complete. Highscores and Settings still not ready, but the game works nice on all target platforms (iOS, Android, Browser, Mac/Windows Standalone).

I hope to also support Ubuntu but I have to setup a machine first for that to test it.

Check out the browser version.
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