I've been very busy with work for clients which resulted in no updates and nearly no work on new games. But I've been able to shift this a bit. So, what is Heptamind working on? Several things, actually. 

First, I'm working on a dual stick shooter. I plan to release more games with that control scheme if this works out nicely. Here's a screenshot of my first enemy model:

Second, We work on making our first multiplayer title. To work out all those pesky problems with multiplayer we are doing a rather small title which should still be fun. After we have the expertise we'll continue working on a real big multiplayer title which should support most platforms. It'll be a great game for playing together with friends in the living room, no matter what kind of gaming device they use, mobiles (iOS, Android, Win8Phone), android gaming consoles (like OUYA or GameStick) or PCs (Linux, Mac, Windows).

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