Weely Update No.1

As a challenge for me there will now be weekly updates.
Today I want to tell you about Bat+Ball 2. It's a project I've started to work on early last year, I think. At first I planned it to be a update of Bat+Ball but many things have changed and been updated I felt this isn't the same game. Fans of the original game, no matter how few there are, might be unhappy when they see their game no longer being what they've been used to.
Gameplay and visual look has been changed and is still being worked, audio will probably follow soon.
Here's a current screentshot, notice the colors. :)


I hope to have a beta in a few weeks ready for testers.

Game on!

New projects and involving You

Right now I'm working on several projects in my spare time. One of them is a Ego Shooter. It's incredible how game development has changed. With the engines, asset stores and the help of the internet nothing can stop you from creating great stuff. I have a great engine with Unity. I can buy music, sound effects, 3d models and more online in an easy process. And when I have problems tackling certain programming hurdles I can always ask the internet. Do you have any idea how much more time and money all things would have cost ten years ago?
So, I'm working on an ego shooter, something that would not have been possible for me in the old days. Still, it's a big challenge as I don't have much free time on my hand. If you read this I'm going to make use of you. I'm hereby commit myself to doing this in front of you. And this puts pressure on myself. I'll open up my development. From now on I'll be posting progress accompanied by screenshots and I'm looking forward to your feedback.

So far I have a testlevel, I checked out some of my assets. On the skull gate I improved the material by using the Bitmap2Material Tool. I hope to have a public webplayer for you soon enough so you can always follow my progress there.


Virtual dust everywhere

So I decided that this doesn't work out in a way I thought it would. See the date of last post? Yeah, it's been a while and a thick layer of virtual dust sits on everything you see here. I'll remove the dust and I'll also keep you up to date now. 

So, what's new with Heptamind. Well, I've been to Amsterdam last week. On monday and tuesday there was a great META workshop. As I'm a big enthusiast for AR and VR I had to be there. I got my own device and did a demo in the two days. I hope to make a small video or gif this week. It's far from perfect, but people seemed to really like it. I'll ask the META crew if they let me have part of the video they did of all the demos the participants did to show it here.

The device itself is pretty cool. As the Meta1 devkit is over a year old it it is even more impressive how comparable it seems to be to the Hololens. The hardware is limited and the devkit is wired to the PC, but the experience is cool and the demos that were done in up to a day of work on the workshop showed just how big the potential is. I'm thrilled and will definitely keep developing for this device.

On wednesday and thursday there was Unite Europe 2015, the Unity conference. It was very nice, there was a lot of stuff to see and many things to learn. Mobile, VR, AR, graphics, sound, networking, it was all in there. I'll have to watch to watch some sessions online that I missed. Unfortunately ther was a downside, my backpack was stolen. In it there was my laptop, an smartphone that I exclusively use for Cardboard (so no sim card in it making it rather untrackable) and worst of all my newly acquired Meta1 device. But it could have been worse, the organizing people and security did all they could to locate the missing backpack but to no avail. But what really made my day was the great Meta team, I was able to get a new Meta1 right away from them!

So last week was great, I learned a lot of things, met old and new friends and got myself a great new toy to play with.

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